• Fieldwork alongside a Tuberculosis Screening Program in Ca Mau, Vietnam (Feb 2014-Jan 2015) with the support of a Tuberculosis Centre for Research Excellence Seeding Grant and the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research


  • Study of Diwali in Mumbai, India (November, 2012)
  • Study of Muharram in Hyderabad, India (November, 2012)


  • Fieldwork in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia (July, 2009) with the support of the Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund for which I was awarded a Deputy Vice Chancellor’s commendation (2009).
  • Fieldwork studying Capoeira in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil (Jan – Jun, 2009), with a Macquarie International Travel Grant (2009)


  • Fieldwork studying rituals of combat-dancing in West Java and West Sumatra, Indonesia (Sep 2007 – May, 2008), with funding from a Macquarie International Travel Grant (2007) and a Darmasiswa RI Scholarship (2007-2008).


  • Cognitive ethnographic study of Australian Contemporary Dance (Feb – Dec) with an Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) for the ARC Linkage Project entitled “Intention and Serendipity: Investigating Improvisation, Symbolism and Memory in Creating Australian Contemporary Dance”

Dissemination of Results

Following my fieldwork in West Java and West Sumatra, I published book chapters in edited volumes on Southeast Asian performing arts and Southeast Asian culture and geopolitics. Fieldwork in Australia studying Contemporary Dance was published in Brolga–An Australian journal about dance. My practice-based research has been expressed for audiences using Music Compositions and Movement Performances. I have been interviewed on Radio and Television about my field research. Some of my work is available through various Blog Posts.