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My blog posts have served as inspiration for research articles and books:

"Paul Mason eloquently states that the focal concern for neuroanthropology is 'the reiterative causality between brain, culture and the environment'."
p.6 of Making knowledge: explorations of the indissoluble relation between minds, bodies, and environment By Trevor Marchand

"Brain science has begun to realize that the brain is not an organ of thought, but that it is a feeling organ that thinks," says Paul Mason, a neuroanthropologist (someone who studies culture and brain development).
p.95 of Brain Fitness for Women: Keeping Your Head Clear and Your Mind Sharp at Any Age By Sondra Kornblatt

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Complete This Quote

"Complete this quote" is a weekly post where I invite readers to finish off an incomplete quote by a scientist/researcher/academic in any manner they please. For an explanation please see: Finish off this...

“The convergence of neurology and cross-cultural research provides…”, Michael Winkelman

“How does this cultural memory work ? The answer…”, Jean-Pierre Changeux

“Of course, there remains a yawning chasm between present knowledge and any actual understanding of…”, Derek Denton
"...Where socks disappear to in the laundry." (Rebecca)

“Before any attempt is made to hypnotize a Subject for the first time it is highly desirable that the Hypnotist…”, Eric Cuddon
"...uses breathmints." (Dirk)

“In a small, dark room at the lab of a large university hospital…”
"...Pinky and the Brain are conspiring about taking over the world" (Puneet)

“The culturally modified brain is subject to…”, Norman Doidge
"...very little." (Gary)

“If we considered the number of possible circuits, we would…”, Gerald Edelman
"...implode." (Kel)

"Mind, n. A mysterious form of matter secreted by the brain. Its chief activity consists…", Ambrose Bierce
"...of particles still relatively unassessed by mainstream scientists but explored in depth by those of the metaphysical realm." (Simone)

“…the theories, technologies and findings of molecular biology, evolutionary developmental biology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, linguistics and anthropology can be productively combined to…”, Marc Hauser
" create a true Restaurant at the End of the Universe….” (Craftbition)

“To some extent, in a variety of imperfect ways, individually and collectively, we have the means to…”, Antonio Damasio
"...over-qualify anything that we say.” (Peter Hildebrand)

"Our cherished belief in the specialness of human consciousness has not prevented us from...", Terrence Deacon
"...becoming scientists." (Meika Loofs Samorzewski)
" most of our time in a state of unconsciousness." (Greg Downey)
"...thinking of the other person as less than worthy of true consideration." (Nicholas)

"Emotional expressions are crucial to...", Paul Ekman
"...conveying your feelings after hitting your thumb with a hammer." (Romeo Vitelli)

"If a meme is to dominate the attention of a human brain, it...", Richard Dawkins
” … had better have something to do with beer, sex, or pizza.” (Janis)

"Shaped like a little loaf of French Country bread, our brain is...", Diane Ackerman
“… begging for a dose of wine.” (Anon1)
"… just as tasty with a little olive oil and garlic, and low-carb to boot!” (Janis)

"One of the difficulties in understanding the brain is...", Richard L. Gregory
“… once you have dissected it, it doesn’t work anymore.” (Anon1)

"There is no scientific study more vital to man than...", Francis Crick
"...woman." (John McCreery)
"...the optimal cheese to ham ratio in a ham and cheese sandwich." (Peter)

"You have brains in your head, you have...", Dr Seuss
"...brains on your plate, just add some mustard sauce and I’ll bet they taste great!" (Skye)
"… a fish in your MRI." (Phredd)
"...thoughts in your brain, thoughts control actions which make us insane." (Stefan)