The list below itemises my academic publications. Impact factor ratings are provided where available. With over 1000 citations, my publications are consistently in the top 0.5% and top 1% of highly viewed research articles on as well as in the top 0.1% for dance anthropology. I regularly present at conferences, frequently write book reviews and have served as a reviewer for numerous international journals. Over the past few years, I have also been a writer for academic blogs hosted by the TB-CRE, the Woolcock Institute, the Public Library of Science, by A/Prof Daniel Lende and A/Prof Greg Downey, and by the Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University.

Board Games

Mason, P.H., Gigliotti, M., Petrov, S., Leung, S., et al. (2024) HEXCREMENT, a conservation education board game about the life cycles of dung beetles, the importance of biodiversity and the vital role of waste management, Longpack Games

Online Education Resources

L.L. Wynn, Paul H. Mason, and Kristina Everett (2008) Human Research Ethics for the Social Sciences and Humanities

review: Institution Review Blog


Paul H. Mason (2016) An Educational Children's Book about Tuberculosis published by Enculture Press.

Now available in:

Edited Volumes

Uwe U. Paetzold & Paul H. Mason (2016) The Fighting Art of Pencak Silat and its Music: From Southeast Asian Village to Global Movement, Brill. (ISBN 9789004308749)

"It is somewhat rare to find interdisciplinary work dealing closely with music while still remaining intelligible to scholars outside of (ethno)musicology. The Fighting Art of Pencak Silat and Its Music is a fine example of how martial arts studies can encompass musical (and choreographic) considerations alongside issues of culture, society, religion, ritual, media, politics, nationalism, identity, gender, and embodiment."
Colin McGuire, Martial Arts Studies, 2016

Hanafi Hussin, MCM Santa Maria, Abraham Sakili & Paul H. Mason (2008) Southeast Asian Religion, Culture and Art of the Sea, Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences (IOES) Monograph Series No. 6. (ISBN 978-967-5148-19-4)

Book Chapters

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Mason, P.H. (In press) "Borderland Tuberculosis: The social, economic and geopolitical contours of disease care and prevention on Daru Island, Papua New Guinea", in Janaka Jayawickrama and Arnab Chakraborty (Editors), A Brief Social History of Tuberculosis, Routledge.

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You can listen to an audio version of this chapter on soundcloud

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"'What is normal?' is not only thought-provoking and innovative, but full of synthetic ideas, humanistic propositions, exhaustive, scientific documentation and openmindness."
Giannis Kugiumutzakis, University of Crete (2017)

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"’s such a pleasure to have an article that simultaneously surveys the relevant literature, offers rich (and multiple) reflexive examples, and resonates with methodological/theoretical questions more broadly." Professor Graham Jones,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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A student worksheet is available here.
Impact Factor: 1.333

" of the most informative scholarly articles I have ever read. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about 21st-century biology." Professor Sungchul Ji, Rutgers University (2015)

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Two images, “PSOAS Under the Cover-slip”, Microscopy Exhibition, Melbourne University, 2004.


The breadth of these publications highlights my capacity to bring anthropological perspectives and apply systems thinking to a variety of problems in multiple disciplines. With skills in multidisciplinary research, I have acted as a reviewer for the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, MUSICultures, the academic journal of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music, BioSystems, Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling, Foundations of Science, and The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology.

Since 2005, I have published over nine book chapters, 35 peer-reviewed articles, 24 book reviews, and delivered over thirty presentations. I have also published foreign articles in French (Culture-Kairos, 2012), in Indonesian (Gema Seni, 2007), and Malaysian (JATI, 2008) and Translated various works into English and French. In co-authored papers, the author who led the research and contributed the most to the article is listed first. I am listed first in several of these co-authored papers. As an early career researcher, I have chosen to publish a number of my articles in online open access journals such as Cultures-Kairós, Global Ethnographic, Inside Indonesia and Hypothesis. Online open access articles increase the accessibility and readership of research. For example, my co-authored article in Hypothesis has been the most highly viewed article and consistently in the top ten most highly cited articles in that journal since it was published. Cumulative statistics from, tandfonline, and researchgate indicate that my articles have been viewed almost 20,000 times. "Music, dance and the Total Art Work", "Brain, Dance and Culture I & II", and "Alam, Otak, dan Kebudayaan" have been my most highly viewed articles. My work on choreomusicology has been used in course curricula at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, Macquarie University, Denison University, the University of Dance and Circus in Sweden, and the Vlaams Theater Instituut in Belgium.

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